The main island Upolu is the ideal spot for leisure pursuits.
Stroll bush trails in the national park. At Pilua caves swim in the incredible freshwater pool right on the oceanfront, or head to the Aleipata district where there is a good area for swimming and snorkelling.

A must do is take the drive down to To Sua Ocean Trench. Steep steps down, where you can plunge in to a 30 metre deep crater which is filled with crystal clear sea water. When the tide comes in you can feel the water pulling you back, but the have ropes that you can hold on to.

At the north of the island you have the harbour town of Apia Samoa’s capital. Visit Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, and you must go toe the local Savalalo Flea market and meet the locals.

If you have time, go to the local bus station, and take a ride in the very colourful town buses.

Savaii the second island you can travel to (by Ferry which will take an hour)

Swim with the green turtles at the wetland Sanctuary at Satoalepai village.
Hike through old plantation and untouched rainforest to Volcanic craters that
Had spread lava across the island a century ago. The beaches are beautiful in Savaii. Many local pigs just wonder the streets

What I noticed in Samoa – wherever you go and visit be it a waterfall, or good place for snorkelling a monetary tip is asked for.
A local will be there to take your donation!
It’s their culture and we are a tourist in their country, and this is how they keep the area clean and beautiful.

When you travel around Samoa, each village takes pride on their roadside gardens.

Best tip for Samoa – is to hire a car when you are there, just to make it so easy for you to do your sightseeing. Gives you a lot more flexibility, and you can
Stop and talk to the locals, or enjoy swimming at a local beach .

Famous sightseeing To Sua Ocean Trench

Located in the  village of Lotofaga  on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa, is the To Sua Ocean Trench.

An all-natural swimming hole with a large ladder and small dock, visitors can pay a fee ($15 for adults, $6 for children 7-15, free for kids under 7) to access the 30 meter (98 ft) deep hole.   Please be very careful climing down the ladder as it is very steep.

To Sua Ocean Trench is open all week from 7am to 6pm.

Local transport in Samoa.

These colourful buses are everywhere around the Island of Samoa. All you have to do is wave the bus down and they will pick you up from anywhere so there is no need to find a bus station.  The local  Community use these buses for getting around, cheap mode of transport

Normally the buses can be packed so and expect to stand.

Samoa road side – Beautiful, colourful and clean.  The  Villages pride themselves in their colourful roadside gardens.

I believe each year  there is also a competition on which Village has the nicest  Garden.

Samoa Children relaxing in their holidays.

The  educational system is patterned after that of New Zealand.

In 1994, school attendance was made mandatory for all children from 5 to 14 years of age or until completion of the eighth grade. In Samoa there are 139 primary schools, 21 junior secondary schools, and 4 senior secondary schools. The schools are administered by the Director of Education and four assistant directors.

The Department of Education is headquartered in Malifa.

A little girl at the Apia Savalalo Flea Market – This is a place where you can buy Produce – Fruit and Vegetables.

Samoa handicrafts, both traditional and locally made. Discover intricate hand crafted wood carvings, beautiful ava bowls, woven pandanus mats, lava-lavas (sarongs) printed in every colour under the sun. Many of the items are made by  village communities using natural materials.