Sri Lanka Life – Such  diverse country.

Sri Lanka has Wildlife, Tea Plantations,beautiful beaches, and crazy busy cities.  Not a place to drive yourself.

Travelling to Sri Lanka, we can organise and personalize your holiday with personal guides throughout your holiday

Sri Lanka Ambewela Farms

Hey even have New Zealand grass seed growing on the Dairy Farm

There are two farms at Ambewela and those are called New Zealand farm and Ambewela farms.

New Zealand farm is at 1km from Ambewela and Ambewela farm is at before Ambewela. Rabbits, Cattles, Cows, Pigs, Goats and grass lands, vegetable farm, seed potatoes producing center and nice reservoir is available on Ambewela farm. No special permission needed to enter Ambewela Farms. In 12:30 PM of every day demonstrates the get cow milk in electronic machine. Cheese factory, Goat yard and thousands of animals can be seen in Ambewela farms. Largest grass lands of Sri Lanka also a part of Ambewela farms.

Sri Lanka Life

Sri Lanka Life

From the custom clothing, to markets on the side of the road.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful small country to travel to – and easy to get to from New Zealand.  Getting around best of mode o transport is for you to have a private guide (which is not expensive).  The roads are busy/crazy with traffic in the large cities – and so much safer to have a guide from Sri Lanka, who is experienced ,and knowledgeable on the, history or the area, and know the best way of getting around the place.

Sri Lanka Life

Sri Lanka – Sigiriya Rock Dambulla

The eighth wonder of the world.

Sigiriya rock plateau, formed from magma of an extinct volcano, is 200 meters higher than the surrounding jungles.
Its view astonishes the visitors with the unique harmony between the nature and human imagination.

At the bottom of  Sigiriya rock it really looks like carving on big giant lion feet.

Their are many monkeys wondering around the bottom of Sigiriya Rock.  You need to be relatively fit to climb Sigiriya Rock

Tea Plantation

Situated at around 2000m above sea level and surrounded by lush tea plantations Nuwara Eliya is the main hill resort of Sri Lanka and the heart of the tea industry.

Once a pleasure retreat of the European planters the town is still very much an English town with many English style bungalows and buildings.

You travel 2000m above sea level , the roads are twisty and narrow You must travel slowly in this area.  Once you get here its much cooler than down in Colombo.

Many tourist come up this way from March to May when it is hot.

Sri Lanka is one of the world’s largest exporters of tea

We stopped on side of the road, and helped some ladies pick tea – All done by hand in Sri Lanka .